Advisory services

We provide customised, comprehensive services that include sample collection, measurements, analyses, testing, recommendations, assessment of results and customised reports, all in accordance with customer requirements.

Waste characterization

Nemko Norlab  provide advice on how to fulfil the requirements  in the Norwegian Waste Regulations and the documentation required for characterisation and disposal of waste.

Requirements apply to  control waste for  landfill and documentation of  what compounds with environmental impact the waste contains.

Nemko Norlab offers chemical analyses of materials to clarify if the material is hazardous.  We performs leachate testing in accordance with international standards pursuant to the Norwegian Waste Regulations.

For leachate testing, the leaching process at the landfill is simulated to find values for  metals and salts. It is often required to determine total organic carbon.

Analyses in accordance with Chapter 9 of the Norwegian Waste Regulations, Appendix 2:

Analysis of waste materials:

  • organic toxins (BTEX, mineral oil (C10-C40), PAH, PCB)
  • metals (As, Cd, Cr, Cu, Hg, Ni, Pb, Zn)
  • TOC (organic content)

Leaching test (NS-EN 12457) and up-flow percolation test (NS-EN 14405) with analysis of eluate:

  • pH
  • conductivity
  • DOC (dissolved organic carbon)
  • fluoride, chloride, and sulphate
  • metals (As, Ba, Cd, Cr, Cu, Hg, Mo, Ni, Pb, Sb, Se, Zn)

Assessment  and comparison of  results from the analyses and leachate testing against the limit values are included .  Waste  is categorized, and customers are given  clear and easy-to-read report containing  results and conclusions.

Nemko Norlab will provide instructions for sampling or carry out sampling on behalf of our customers.

Please Contact us for more information and any questions you may have.

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