Water and water supply

We provide microbiological and chemical analyses to public and private waterworks, as well as water analyses for the monitoring of rivers, streams, and recipients in accordance with the Water Directive.

More than 20 years of experience in supplying water analyses, to local authorities, utilities, waterworks, and industrial companies.

For more than 20 years, Nemko Norlab has assisted customers in the sampling and analysis of drinking water, clean water, wastewater, and leachate. We offer complete analysis packages that satisfy the increasingly strict requirements specified by the authorities. This applies to microbiological, inorganic, and organic analyses.

Services in the area of water and water supply

Drinking water

We perform accredited analyses covered by the Norwegian Drinking Water Regulations and we have extensive experience within this field, conducting more than 100,000 drinking water analyses each year.


Nemko Norlab conducts laboratory analyses of legionella, including risk assessments and sample planning. We also deliver open enrollment and company-specific training courses for legionella prevention.

Environmental analyses

Nemko Norlab has equipment and expertise for conducting organic and inorganic analyses of various environmental samples.