HSE and organizational development

We are a safe place to work, for employees and for our partners. Our risk management processes are best in industry.  We work hard to ensure continuous improvement and personal development.

We are by heart laboratory engineers. Which means that we run the organization Nemko Norlab as we run the laboratory Nemko Norlab: fact-based and process-oriented. Safety is always paramount, but processes are a good second. We have established best-practice processes within most organizational areas of importance for a laboratory company, including risk management, continuous improvement (LEAN), project management (agile), and professional development.

It goes without saying that we are an equal opportunity employer. Good for current and prospective employees, good for our colleagues, good for our customers, good for our bottom line.

HSE policy

Our employees are our most important asset.  We endeavor in our HSE activities to develop a safe work environment that facilitates personal professional growth and development for our employees.

We focus on preventing personal injuries, work related illness, and major accidents. The goal of zero injuries is part of how we think and work, with a strong emphasis on continuous improvement.

Our HSE activities are integrated into our everyday work and incorporated at all levels throughout the organisation.

Our HSE system forms part of our quality system and we are certified according to ISO 45001.

Nemko Norlab will:

  • Aim for zero accidents, serious incidents, loss of life or injury to people and damage to materials and the environment.
  • Create a positive and safe work environment for all employees
  • Prevent discrimination on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, disability, or ethnic background
  • Protect customers’ and the company’s buildings and equipment
  • Prevent damage to the external environment
  • Ensure that our products do not cause harm to users
  • Meet customers’ requirements concerning quality and punctuality – now and in the future
  • Achieve reliability and profitability in everyday operations through systematic HSE work
  • Not be subject to any corrective orders from or conflicts with the Norwegian authorities

We will achieve this by:

  • Integrating health, safety, and environment (HSE) considerations into all of the company’s activities. HSE considerations shall be paramount to all other business matters.
  • Being a good employer and supplier. Any matter relating to health or safety will be taken seriously and followed up.
  • Ensuring that every employee is accountable in HSE matters, thus ensuring effective participation and utilisation of knowledge in all processes related to HSE.


We have a good mix of men and women. Around 60% of our employees are women, 40% men. For the management team, the split is 50%/50%.

We have a good mix of types of professional experience in our workforce, including trained workers, technicians, and engineers with university level degrees. 4 of our employees have doctoral degrees.

Health-promoting work environment

We want the work environment at Nemko Norlab to be conducive to good physical and psychological health for our employees.

Our HSE focus and HSE activities are pervasive in the organization. We systematically work to remove sources of accidents, serious incidents, loss of life or injury to people, and damage to the environment.

Nemko Norlab has an inclusive work environment. We want to be recognized as an attractive and supporting employer, also in cases when a person’s capacity for work has been temporarily or permanently reduced.

Personal development

Our goal is for Nemko Norlab to be an attractive place to work. We regularly measure employee satisfaction level.

We offer development opportunities for hardworking members of staff who want something more, for example in the form of courses, exams, or certifications.