Environmental health protection

We provide childcare facilities with measurements, analyses, and reommendations regarding environmental health protection. Your childcare facility can thus obtain a full review of procedures, safety, and documentation.

Master service agreements

We have master service agreements in place with eight municipalities in Møre og Romsdal, as part of which we work on environmental health protection throughout the entire year.

About us

The Nemko Norlab Department for Environmental Health Protection has had agreements in place with local authorities concerning audit, approval, and case management programmes since 2004.

In addition to EHP work, we can carry out indoor climate surveys. This expertise is key to the work on EHP and benefits business activities within the local authorities.

How we work

We carry out audits, inspections, and case management on behalf of local authorities. All reports and documents arising from such activities are the property of the local authorities.

We conduct our work in close consultation with the local authorities and we jointly determine audit strategies and plans.

We carry out audits in accordance with the internal control principle, which is the recommended methodology for audit work according to the Norwegian Directorate for Health and Social Affairs.

We conduct regular audits of schools, childcare facilities, swimming pools and businesses that have cooling towers. We conduct periodic audits on other types of businesses based on the local authority’s priorities (this currently involves businesses that provide sunbed, piercing and tattoo services). Audits are also performed on the basis of notices of concern.

What an agreement with us means

  • That the local authority becomes part of a skills-developing network within EHP.
  • A cost-effective solution that meets the government’s requirements concerning EHP.
  • Savings on indoor environmental quality surveys, as such measurements are included in the audits.
  • A preventive focus on health, safety, well-being, and good social and environmental conditions in businesses.
Rolf Erik Nustad

Rolf Erik Nustad


Environmental health protection and indoor climate

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