Chemical analyses

Nemko Norlab conducts a wide range of chemical analyses related to environmental investigations and quality control of raw materials and products. From well-equipped, modern laboratories, we deliver inorganic and organic analyses for industrial customers and research organizations. We also provide customized testing.

Nemko Norlab delivers customised outsourced laboratory solutions to a number of industrial companies.

Fat content and color of salmonids

Nemko Norlab offers accredited analyses of fat content and total pigment in salmonids. We help you control the development of total pigment during growth period in sea.

Accredited analysis of fat and colour content of salmonids

Read more about the scope of our accreditation here.

Spectrophotometric colour readings are taken at 475 nm. The colour level is also assessed through visual Salmofan measurements. We can conduct analysis of NQC section specimens at individual or aggregate specimen level (5-10 fish).

The methodology used to determine fat content can also be used for other types of fish, such as mackerel and herring. This is an unaccredited method.

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