Environmental monitoring

We carry out environmental surveys in both outdoor and indoor environments, including sampling, analysis, and consultancy. We are accredited for measurements of emissions to air, and determination of a variety of emission parameters and components. We also perform environmental surveys of buildings, indoor climate and occupational hygiene.

Odour measurements

Nemko Norlab’s odour activities originates from SI/SINTEF in Oslo, and work within this field has been conducted since the mid-1970s. A number of developments have materialized within the field during this time. We currently conduct odour measurements and assessments for multiple industries, such as industrial waste and residual product management, pharmaceuticals, wastewater, sewage, and municipal waste.

NS-EN 13725

NS-EN 13725 applies to odour measurements, and Nemko Norlab is accredited for sampling and analysis in accordance with this standard. We use guidelines issued from other European authorities in cases where the Norwegian standard is inadequate. We conduct odour measurements from passive and active emission points, diffuse and fugitive sources, and we evaluate odour emissions associated with the management of odorous masses. Odour concentration is determined through olfactometry analysis at our laboratory in Oslo within 30 hours of sampling, using a panel consisting of four odour panelists.

The odour requirements are determined in accordance with the estimated nuisance for the most affected neighbour. It is therefore often necessary to perform air dispersion calculations as part of the odour assessment. Nemko Norlab offers air dispersion calculations in accordance with requirements from relevant authorities, as well as the design of odour emission sampling strategies and odour risk assessments.

Norsk Akkreditering
Karina Ødegård

Karina Ødegård

Head Environmental Monitoring

Odour measurements, air quality, dispersion calculations

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