Quality, approvals and certifications

We will meet our customers needs and expectations.

Nemko Norlab will meet our customers’ needs and expectations within testing and consulting, and works for proper quality assurance at all levels. Our products and services meet our customers’ demands for quality and punctuality – both today and in the future.

Quality Policy

The management of Nemko Norlab commits to comply with the requirements of the company’s management system and to continuously work to improve the management system to suit our business. We shall have an operation that is quality assured at all levels. It will be facilitated for the company’s employees to focus on quality assurance and well-established routines to follow the procedures in the management system.

The management system for the company shall contribute to a continuous improvement process, and the company shall work to promote:

  • Quick response time to our customers
  • On-site competence
  • Knowledge of the market
  • Interdisciplinary environment

The management shall continuously work to ensure that all employees have ownership of the management system, and a controlled quality of all analysis services must be aimed for.

We must be impartial and avoid all conflicts of interest between work and the personal, especially in relation to customers and/or suppliers.

We must identify and understand our customers’ needs through close dialogue and contact with the customer, at all levels in the company.

The customer shall experience that we deliver our products/services in accordance with the applicable agreements, and we shall be the customer’s preferred cooperation partner.

The management further commits to comply with the requirements given in NS-EN ISO/IEC 17025 and the current and applicable regulations and requirement documents prepared by Norwegian Accreditation.

Emphasis is placed on promoting an open corporate culture where all deviations and complaints are perceived as an area for improvement.

All employees shall be motivated to detect and work with potential improvements.

Environmental Certification

We take our environmental footprint seriously and have procedures in place to minimize it. Nemko Norlab is now also environmentally certified in accordance with ISO 14001:2015.


The customer’s trust in our deliveries is the foundation of our existence. Quality should therefore be characterized in everything we do.

Our quality system is simple, clear, and logically structured. Each individual employee makes use of this system in their daily work, where quality work is carried out in practice.

We should be characterized by understanding the customer’s needs and delivering what the customer demands.

Our quality system has been approved by Norwegian Accreditation, which uses the standard NS-EN ISO 17025 as the basis for its approval.

Laboratories that meet the requirements of NS-EN ISO 17025 also comply with NS-EN ISO 9001:2015, as this standard corresponds to and forms part of the requirement elements in NS-EN ISO 17025. NS-EN ISO 17025, however, contains many requirements for technical competence that are not covered in NS-EN ISO 9001:2008.

Nemko Norlab was accredited for the first time on March 15, 1996, under NS-EN ISO 17025 with accreditation number P032. Nemko Norlab is accredited within the fields of chemical analysis, microbiology, veterinary medicine, and environmental measurement. The activity is distributed across 12 geographical units, Mo i Rana (headquarters), Glomfjord, Brønnøysund, Namdal, Fosen, Frøya, Molde, Kristiansund, Surnadal, Sunnmøre, Oslo, and Porsgrunn. Here is the latest signed accreditation document  TEST 032. We have flexible accreditation, and the accreditation scope may differ slightly from the signed document and the overview on the Norwegian Accreditation website. For complete information, contact your laboratory.

Statement of Conformity

When the customer requests a statement of conformity to a specification or standard for the test  (e.g. pass/fail, in-tolerance/out-of-tolerance), the decision rule shall be clearly defined. For information regarding decision rule based on simpel acceptance or shared risk, see page 2 in this document.

Central Approval

Nemko Norlab has central approval for the design of environmental remediation.

Prequalified supplier

Nemko Norlab is validated by and registered with Achilles Oil & Gas and UNCE, and Magnet JQS.

Norwegian Accreditation

Norwegian Accreditation is Norway’s national accreditation body, to ensure, among other things, that our competence, management system, working methods, and quality are in accordance with the requirements of international standards.



Approvals, documents, certifications

Scope of Accreditation Nemko Norlab AS

Due to flexible accreditation, the overview on the website may be incomplete. Please contact one of our laboratories for a complete overview of the scope of accreditation.

Test 032

Akkrediteringsdokument – Norsk 2022

Siste signerte versjon.

Test 032

Accreditation Document – English 2022

Last signed version.

NS-EN ISO 14001:2015

This international standard is intended to be used by organizations that wish to manage their environmental responsibility in a systematic way that contributes to the environmental pillar of the sustainability concept.


Approvals, documents, certifications

Certificate Nemko Norlab AS

Analysis and technical services in environmental monitoring, chemistry, microbiology, and veterinary medicine, including sampling and consulting.

NS-EN ISO 45001:2018

International standard for occupational health and safety. Ensures safe and health-promoting workplaces by preventing work-related injury and impaired health, and by proactively improving occupational health performance.


Approvals, documents, certifications

Certificate ISO 45001 Nemko Norlab AS

Analysis and technical services in environmental monitoring, chemistry, microbiology, and veterinary medicine, including sampling and consulting.


Achilles helps buyers find the right suppliers, manage their relationships, and enjoy an increased degree of visibility and control over the entire supply chain.

Approvals, documents, certifications

Certificate supplier Nemko Norlab AS

Supplier in Global Energy Qualification System in compliance with NORSOK and IOGP requirements. Consulting services for safety, health, and environment Material services (R&D) Laboratory testing services

Certificate supplier Nemko Norlab AS

Utilities Nordics and Central Europe Qualification System Microbiology services Laboratory sample services Other laboratory services Test and analysis services

Magnet JQS

Magnet JQS is a joint qualification system used by operators and contractors to source, screen, qualify, and monitor suppliers in accordance with their respective qualification and procurement requirements.


Approvals, documents, certifications

Certificate of Registration Nemko Norlab AS

Registered Supplier

Centrally Approved

Central approval of companies is a voluntary quality scheme that describes professional competence, quality assurance routines, and integrity in the enterprise.



Approvals, documents, certifications

Central Approval Nemko Norlab AS

Design of Environmental Remediation in intervention class 3
Educational Enterprise Approval