Materials testing

We conduct materials testing of various metallic materials such as steel, aluminium, and copper alloys. Testing of welding procedures is and has been an important activity area since the engineering industry started making deliveries to the Norwegian continental shelf.

Materials characterization

We have the expertise and equipment to analyse everything from alloy content to asbestos-containing building materials. If you have a material of an unknown origin or chemical composition, we will help you find the answers. We have a quick turnaround time for routine investigations, and can provide customized testing if needed.

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

Our microscopy laboratory houses two scanning electron microscopes equipped with detectors for energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS). This allows us to both detect and analyse particles and fibres with diameters of less than 1 µm. We have great flexibility and quick response times for SEM analyses.

Particle analysis

We have software for quantitative analysis of for example particle size and chemical composition. Automatic imaging allows us to cost-effectively analyse samples with far more particles than before. We can contribute to the quantification of unknown particles and survey and identify unknown particles.


We use SEM to investigate material samples and air samples for asbestos fibres, which provides thorough and reliable results. All asbestos samples are analysed locally at our accredited laboratory in Mo i Rana. For further information about asbestos and asbestos investigations, please click here.

Chemical analyses

Our chemical laboratories have long experience with industrial analyses. For information regarding what kind of analyses we offer, click here.

Alloy composition

Chemical analysis of alloy content can be a key part of production controls or damage investigations. We offer chemical analysis of alloy content as an integral part of our materials testing.

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Norsk Akkreditering
Ørjan Jamtli

Ørjan Jamtli

Department Engineer

Asbestos, hazardous waste, polluted land, building surveys

 +47 976 88 954

Silje Michaelsen

Silje Michaelsen

Department Engineer

Asbestos, microscopy

 +47 932 46 694



Jørn Røssvoll

Jørn Røssvoll

Department Engineer

Asbestos, building surveys, microscopy

 +47 971 04 300