Environmental monitoring

We carry out environmental surveys in both outdoor and indoor environments, including sampling, analysis, and consultancy. We are accredited for measurements of emissions to air, and determination of a variety of emission parameters and components. We also perform environmental surveys of buildings, indoor climate and occupational hygiene.

Emissions to air

Nemko Norlab performs accredited measurements and sampling of emissions to air from all types of land-based industry throughout all of Norway. We represent an independent third party that monitors and confirms results for industrial enterprises.

Strict regulations

Emissions to air are subject to increasingly stringent requirements from the authorities. Emission permits set limits for the pollutants that may be discharged. The results are summarised in concise reports in which emissions may be compared to the requirements of the emission permits.

Nemko Norlab offers accredited services within a broad range of emission measurements and sampling. Our staff have extensive experience from industry and the public sector.


We offer sampling, measurement, and analysis of the following compounds:

  • flue gas volume and temperature
  • dust and moisture content
  • NOX, CO, TVOC, O2, CO2
  • SO2, HF, HCl, NH3, Hg and metals
  • dioxins/furans (PCDD/PCDF), dioxin-like PCB, PAH, chlorobenzene, chlorophenols
  • HCN, H2S, Cl2
  • VOC, various components

We also perform measurements for the calibration of dust gauges and AST/QAL2 measurements in accordance with NS-EN 14181.

Norsk Akkreditering
Stine Fagerdal

Stine Fagerdal

Group Leader / Department Engineer

Emissions to air and water

 +47 906 23 405

Morten Hogsnes

Morten Hogsnes

Department Engineer

Emissions to air

 +47 952 47 167