Advisory services

We provide customised, comprehensive services that include sample collection, measurements, analyses, testing, recommendations, assessment of results and customised reports, all in accordance with customer requirements.

Safe food

Nemko Norlab provides quality assurance services to food companies and works in accordance with the HACCP principle. We offer a range of different hygiene training courses customised for each business.

Sampling of food products offshore

We have prepared guidelines for the sampling of food products offshore.

  • How to think about food safety on board a vessel?
  • How to interpret results from laboratory tests?
  • What do we do when an accident happens?

Through corporate internal courses for catering managers, stewards, and medics, we have established a solid understanding of practical issues. As a result, we have compiled a set of guidelines for sampling and quality assurance in which we attempt to answer these questions.

The guidelines are intended as a tool to get started with or develop and improve ongoing work in this field, and include:

  • What are the risks associated with the preparation and serving of food?
  • How to establish control plans, including relevant laboratory analyses on food products?
  • Which laboratory analyses should be used?
  • How to interpret the results?
  • Where to find guidelines on cause identification?
  • How to implement measures?
Svein Gunnar Drabløs

Svein Gunnar Drabløs

Department Advisor

Advisor environmental health protection, training courses, food hygiene, HACCP, internal control food industry

 +47 92 47 90 92