Veterinary medicine

We provide a broad range of veterinary medicine analyses for fish pathogens and smoltification.

ATPase analyses

Nemko Norlab AS was the first laboratory to be granted accreditation for the analysis of ATPase activity as a smoltification parameter for the fish hatchery industry.

Rapid and accurate results

The method has been automated to increase capacity and achieve the most stable results possible over time, as well as to reduce the risk of human error. Automation also means that we can guarantee results no later than the day after we receive the specimens (but generally the same day) at no additional cost.

Unique cold-chain logistics technology

Our unique cold-chain logistics technology ensures that samples remain frozen throughout transport, without the use of dry ice, liquid nitrogen, or other complicated and expensive solutions. We use proprietary freezing elements that maintain a temperature of ‑16 °C (ordinary water-based cooling elements maintain a temperature of only 0 °C and are therefore unable to keep specimens frozen) and especially well insulated boxes. The technology has been thoroughly validated and is guaranteed to keep specimens frozen for more than 24 hours at outdoor temperatures of up to 30 °C.

Sampling equipment and transport packaging are provided free of charge by contacting our Namdal laboratory.

Norsk Akkreditering
Lars Löfvenberg, PhD

Lars Löfvenberg, PhD

Senior Engineer

Fish health, smoltification, genetic technology, enzyme kinetics, metod development and validation, practice head veterinary medicine

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