Environmental monitoring

We carry out environmental surveys in both outdoor and indoor environments, including sampling, analysis, and consultancy. We are accredited for measurements of emissions to air, and determination of a variety of emission parameters and components. We also perform environmental surveys of buildings, indoor climate and occupational hygiene.

Dust measurements in ambient air

Nemko Norlab conducts dust measurements ambient air quality, comprising online measurements of particulate matter (PM10 and PM2,5) and sampling of dust deposition.

Air quality regulations

In recent years, the authorities have had an increasing focus on air quality. The scope, as well as the parameters that should be measured, are described in the Norwegian regulations and guidelines related to local air quality.

Dust deposition

Measurements of dust deposition is usually performed in areas with a known industrial source such as quarries, and in construction work areas, and the sampling period is one month. We perform sampling and determination of dust deposition according to NS4852. In addition to total particulate matter, the content can be analysed for the presence of characteristic metals or other components.

Airborne particulate matter (PM10 and PM2,5)

PM10 og PM2,5 is usually measured continuously using fine dust aerosol spectrometers. Nemko Norlab has extensive experience with the deployment and operation of such instruments.


Tone Gardsjord

Tone Gardsjord

Senior Advisor / Occupational Hygienist

Work environment and indoor climate, air quality

 +47 922 98 513

Karina Ødegård

Karina Ødegård

Head Environmental Monitoring

Odour measurements, air quality, dispersion calculations

 +47 924 34 858