Chemical analyses

Nemko Norlab conducts a wide range of chemical analyses related to environmental investigations and quality control of raw materials and products. From well-equipped, modern laboratories, we deliver inorganic and organic analyses for industrial customers and research organizations. We also provide customized testing.

Nemko Norlab delivers customised outsourced laboratory solutions to a number of industrial companies.

Produced water

We deliver accredited analyses of all required parameters for the environmental assessment of produced water.

Extensive experience

Nemko Norlab has extensive experience conducting analyses of produced water from around 40 installations on the Norwegian continental shelf. The assesments are subject to strict requirements from  oil companies and the Norwegian Environment Agency.

Relevant analysis parameters

  • heavy metals
  • oil in water
  • PAH and NPD
  • BTEX
  • organic acids
  • alkylphenols
Norsk Akkreditering
Hege Karlsen

Hege Karlsen

Head Chemistry and Materials

Inorganic analytical chemistry, environmental analyses

 +47 412 06 644