We offer a broad range of microbiological analyses for food and feed, environmental samples, and water and sewerage. We adapt our analyses to the customer’s products and needs.

Identification of microorganisms

Nemko Norlab accepts samples containing more or less unknown microorganisms for the purpose of identification from several industries, including the pharmaceutical industry, the aquaculture industry, and municipal institutions.


Several different methods are used for identification, including biochemical test methods based on VITEK2 (both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and yeast fungi), PCR and traditional dish methods.


Identification using VITEK2 is accredited for gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, anaerobic bacteria, and aerobic spores.

Please contact our laboratory in Namdal for further information.

Norsk Akkreditering
Johan Ahlin

Johan Ahlin

Senior Engineer Food, Environment, and Veterinary Medicine

Quality manager chemical analyses, drinking water analyses, environmental surveys, water and sewerage local authorities

 +47 918 84 727

Anne Kristin Gussiås

Anne Kristin Gussiås

Department Engineer Food, Environment and Veterinary Medicine

Quality manager microbiology, microbiological analyses water and food, market coordinator

 +47 901 17 895