Chemical analyses

Nemko Norlab conducts a wide range of chemical analyses related to environmental investigations and quality control of raw materials and products. From well-equipped, modern laboratories, we deliver inorganic and organic analyses for industrial customers and research organizations. We also provide customized testing.

Nemko Norlab delivers customised outsourced laboratory solutions to a number of industrial companies.

Analysis of building materials

Many buildings contain substances and materials that  are harmful to humans and the environment. In connection with  demolition or renovation of old buildings, it is therefore necessary to identify if  there are  environmentally hazardous substances. Unpleasant surprises can be avoided  by conducting  analyses prior to starting the demolition work.


  • asbestos
    • plates, floor tiles, adhesives, pipe insulation, sealants, etc.
  • PCB
    • windows, paint, concrete, grout, etc.
  • PAH/creosote
    • wood, black grout, paint, etc.
  • heavy metals
    • paint, impregnated wood, etc.
  • phthalates
    • flooring, plastic, etc.
  • brominated flame retardants
    • insulation materials, textiles, etc.
    • insulation from cooling units

Why choose Nemko Norlab

Nemko Norlab has extensive experience in  identification of environmentally hazardous materials in buildings and can provide the necessary  analyses. We offer advisory work, regarding sampling, analyses, methods and material handling.

 Experienced engineers and modern equipment,  guarantee the best quality and rapid response in our services.

We are actively involved in “Forum for miljøkartlegging og sanering,” which is an industry arena for companies and professionals working in the area of environmental surveying and remediation.

Relevant information from the Norwegian Environment Agency

Fact sheet M-14 Disposal of concrete and brick waste

Advice and information are readily available at Nemko Norlab.

Please do not hesitate to contact our technical experts if you have questions. 

Ørjan Jamtli

Ørjan Jamtli

Department Engineer

Asbestos, hazardous waste, polluted land, building surveys

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Anita W. Kalstad

Anita W. Kalstad

Department Engineer