Land-based industry

Our physical colocation with major industrial companies in some of Norway’s largest industrial parks plus more than 30 years of collaboration with Norwegian industry have given us unrivalled understanding of the laboratory services needs of modern process industry.

For more than 30 years, Nemko Norlab has supplied services to customers from process industry and other land-based industries.

Nemko Norlab offers a number of laboratory services that have been developed together with some of Norway’s largest industrial entities. From sampling and analysis of raw materials to process samples, intermediate products, and finished products, we can provide professional insights, as well as standardised and customised analyses.

We provide advice, sampling, and measurements of emissions to air, water and soil/sediment and work environment analyses, all subject to the well-defined environmental requirements and standards. We have extensive knowledge of landfills, waste characterisation and applicable regulations. Certified occupational hygienists and Norway’s largest emissions measurement team complete our range of services. We cover the entire country and will deliver at the agreed time and price. We serve organizations outside Norway on a case by case basis, typically specialist analyses, foreign subsidiaries of Norwegian companies, and foreign companies with operations in Norway.

Services for industry

Industrial analyses

Nemko Norlab has provided chemical analyses for environmental surveying and quality control of raw materials and finished products since 1989.

Customized analyses

We provide organic and inorganic customized analyses for industrial customers and research organizations throughout Norway.

Emissions to air

We conduct as independent party measurements of emissions to air, for industrial companies of all sizes.

Emissions to water

We offer complete analysis packages that satisfy the increasingly strict requirements specified by the authorities.

Destructive materials testing

SINTEF Norlab is one of the most experienced laboratories in Norway in the field of destructive testing of metallic materials.

Odour emissions surveys

Nemko Norlab offers comprehensive surveying services for organizations that need to measure and document odour emissions to surrounding areas.

Waste characterization and advisory services

Nemko Norlab can provide advisory services regarding fulfillment of requirements in “Avfallsforskriften”, and mandatory documentation for basis characterization and landfill disposal.

Industrial work environment and indoor climate

SINTEF Norlab has long experience with surveys of industrial work environments and indoor climate.

Dust measurements in ambient air

Nemko Norlab conducts measurements of dust deposition and particulate matter in ambient air.

Damage investigations

Nemko Norlab has proven expertise in rapidly identifying the underlying causes of accidents in production and service.