Construction and engineering

Surveying of buildings and land, and perhaps Norway’s fastest and most accurate analyses of asbestos samples.

Rapid determination of environmentally hazardous substances in building materials, work environment surveys, and other environmental offerings.

We know that it is urgent! We therefore offer asbestos identification with the quickest lead times in the market – as quickly as one hour after receiving the sample. Our to the point reports show the results based on best laboratory practices. We also perform identification of organic environmental toxins and heavy metals in construction materials, as well as investigations of soil, water, and sediments. We will provide you with answers about the contamination situation. We offer in addition work environment surveys and advisory services through our certified occupational hygienists.

Services for construction companies

Environmental building surveys

Nemko Norlab is an active contributor to “Forum for miljøkartlegging og sanering”. We have for many years conducted surveys for building demolition and renovation.

Analyses of building materials

Nemko Norlab can analyze building materials for asbestos, PCB, PAH, and other environmentally hazardous substances.


We conduct accredited asbestos investigations using scanning electron microscopes (SEM).

Testing of reinforcement elements

We conduct mechanical testing, metallographic investigations, damage investigations, and chemical analyses.

Emissions to water

We offer complete analysis packages that satisfy the increasingly strict requirements specified by the authorities.

Environmental analyses

Nemko Norlab has equipment and expertise for conducting organic and inorganic analyses of various environmental samples, whether from municipal or industrial wastewater, leachate from landfills, contaminated soil, sludge, or sediment.