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Information for our customers, partners, and visitors during the current corona virus situation.

No impact on our services

These are challenging times, but the COVID-19 outbreak is not currently having any impact on our services.

Nemko Norlab quickly took measures to minimise risk and limit the spread of the coronavirus, whilst continuing to ensure proper operations. It is challenging, but, for some time now, we have had measures/guidelines in place to contribute to reducing the spread while also making sure that we can serve our customers. Guidelines and measures are updated on a regular basis.

We are carefully monitoring the situation.


Members of staff

We have implemented strict procedures in several areas. Hygiene measures have been implemented. The option to work from home is being used to a large extent and people have been asked to apply a low threshold for staying home in the event of illness.


Strict travel restrictions were introduced at an early stage and all travel activities must be subject to risk assessments and approval.


We have implemented visitor restrictions and will, to the greatest extent possible, avoid having visitors. Practical measures vary slightly between sites.

We encourage our customers and partners to participate in meetings via Teams and to otherwise use telephone and e-mail for discussions and clarifications.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with your contact or the main switchboard if you have any questions concerning your customer relationship with Nemko Norlab.


Title Address Description
Mo i Rana
Halvor Heyerdahls vei 50, 8626 Mo i Rana, Norge

Nemko Norlab AS
Halvor Heyerdalsvei 50
8626 Mo i Rana

Tel: +47 404 84 100

Ørnesveien 3, 8160 Glomfjord, Norge

Nemko Norlab, Glomfjord
Ørnesveien 3

Tel: +47 404 84 100

Kjelsåsveien 174, 0884 Oslo, Norge

Nemko Norlab AS, Oslo
Kjelsåsveien 174
0884 OSLO

Tel: +47 404 84 100

Hydrovegen 67, 3936 Porsgrunn, Norge

Nemko Norlab AS, Porsgrunn
Herøya Forskningspark B92
Hydrovegen 67

Tel: +47 404 84 100

Axel Sellægs veg 3, 7800 Namsos, Norge

Nemko Norlab AS, Namdal
Axel Sellægs veg 3
7805 Namsos

Nemko Norlab AS, Namdal
Postboks 433 Sentrum
7801 Namsos

Tel: +47 950 11 613
E-mail: namdal

Vefsnvegen 11, 8656 Mosjøen, Norge

Nemko Norlab AS
Vefsnveien 11
8656 Mosjøen

Tel: +47 909 84 602
E-mail: mosjoen

Sørfjordveien 170, 7113 Husbysjøen, Norge

Nemko Norlab AS, Fosen
Sørfjordveien 170
7113 Husbysjøen

Tel: +47 950 91 420
E-mail: fosen

Wilhelm Dalls vei 50, 6511 Kristiansund, Norge

Nemko Norlab AS, Kristiansund
Wilhelm Dalls vei 50
6511 Kristiansund

Tel: +47 924 79 492
E-mail: kristiansund

Lenningsveien 27, 8900 Brønnøysund, Norge

Nemko Norlab AS, Brønnøysund
Lenningsveien 27
8900 Brønnøysund

Tel: +47 910 07 170
E-mail: bronnoysund

Nordfrøyveien 413, 7260 Sistranda, Norge

Nemko Norlab AS, Frøya
Nordfrøyveien 413
7260 Sistranda

Tel: +47 957 82 370
E-mail: froya

Industrivegen 19, 6080 Gurskøy, Norge

Nemko Norlab AS, Sunnmøre
Industrivegen 19
6080 Gurskøy

Tel: +47 924 78 692
E-mail: sunnmore

Eikremsvingen 4, 6422 Molde, Norge

Nemko Norlab AS, Molde
Eikremsvingen 4
6422 Molde

Tel: +47 924 79 892
E-mail: molde

Svartvassvegen 2, 6650 Surnadal, Norge

Nemko Norlab AS, Surnadal
Svartvassvegen 2
6650 Surnadal

Tel: 458 47 930
E-mail: surnadal

It started more than 30 years ago serving traditional industry at Norsk Jernverk, Mo i Rana. Today, our physical presence in major industrial clusters gives us solid understanding of the laboratory needs of modern industry.

We deliver a broad range of laboratory services to the construction and engineering industry, including environmental surveys, asbestos analyses, and monitoring of chemical spills.

We deliver laboratory services related to food and feed value chains. We also do training courses, including instructor-led hygiene training courses (web-based and physical classroom).

We are a leading provider of water analyses, of drinking water, clean water, wastewater, and leachate.

We have for many years conducted materials testing, environmental analyses, and chemical analyses for the maritime industries, including the oil and gas industry.  We are now leveraging this competence in new industries in ocean space.

We are a preferred supplier to local and central authorities in areas like environmental surveys (for demolition and renewal projects), environmental monitoring, and air quality monitoring.

Our price list includes ATPase analyses, genetic analyses, food and feed, and environmental analyses. Our customer list includes some of the largest (and many not so large) players in Norwegian aquaculture industry.