Environmental monitoring

We carry out environmental surveys in both outdoor and indoor environments, including sampling, analysis, and consultancy. We are accredited for measurements of emissions to air, and determination of a variety of emission parameters and components. We also perform environmental surveys of buildings, indoor climate and occupational hygiene.

Environmental surveys offshore

Nemko Norlab has more than 30 years of experience conducting analyses on sediments as part of environmental monitoring around oil installations on the Norwegian continental shelf. We are also active in other OSPAR countries.

Accredited supplier

The Norwegian Environment Agency requires operators on the Norwegian continental shelf to assess the impact on marine life resulting from drilling activities. Nemko Norlab collaborates with DNV-GL and others on sampling, chemical analyses, and reporting. We have more than 30 years of experience in environmental monitoring and offer excellent quality-assured surveys to the industry. Monitoring reports are carefully reviewed and evaluated by an independent group of experts, appointed by the Norwegian Environment Agency. Nemko Norlab is accredited for the relevant analyses.

Relevant parameters are

  • metals, including mercury
  • TPH
  • PAH and NPD
  • grain size distribution

Other analyses can be performed upon request.

Norsk Akkreditering
Hege Karlsen

Hege Karlsen

Head Chemistry and Materials

Inorganic analytical chemistry, environmental analyses

 +47 412 06 644

Helene Tvete

Helene Tvete

Department Engineer

Organic analytical chemistry, environmental monitoring

 +47 995 15 667