Quality, accreditations, and certifications

Quality / accuracy, compliance with standards, integrity, and timely delivery, plus knowing what to do outside standards. We are focused.

Nemko Norlab strives to meet customers’ needs and expectations within testing and advisory services, and works to ensure the appropriate quality assurance at all levels. Our products and services meet customer requirements concerning quality and punctuality – now and in the future.

Quality policy

The management of Nemko Norlab are committed to compliance with the requirements specified in the company’s management system. We work continuously to improve and adapt the management system for our activities. We enable employees to focus on quality assurance and compliance with procedures specified in the management system.

The company’s management system supports and contributes to a Lean-based continuous improvement process. 

Management work continuously to ensure that all employees take ownership to the management system and strive for managed quality in all analysis services.

We are independent and strive to avoid all forms of conflicts of interest between our professional and personal lives, especially in relation to customers and/or suppliers. 

We identify and understand our customers’ needs through close dialogue and contact with the customer at all levels of the company.

We want our customers to find that we deliver our products/services in accordance with applicable agreements, and to see us as their preferred partner.

Emphasis is placed on promoting an open corporate culture in which all non-conformities and complaints are considered areas for improvement.

All employees are encouraged to identify and work on potential improvements. 


We are accredited by Norwegian Accreditation in accordance with requirements specified in NS-EN ISO/IEC 17025 and documents by Norwegian Accreditation.  Norwegian Accreditation is part of European Accreditation and International Accreditation Forum.  For more about International Accreditation Forum, see International Accreditation Forum – IAF. Find Members, publications & resources.

Nemko Norlab is accredited within the fields of chemical analysis, microbiology, veterinary medicine, environmental monitoring, and materials testing. We have 13 accredited geographical locations, Mo i Rana (headquarters), Glomfjord, Mosjøen, Brønnøysund, Namdal, Fosen, Frøya, Molde, Kristiansund, Surnadal, Sunnmøre, Oslo, and Porsgrunn.

The scope of the accreditation is described in accreditation documents with accreditation numbers TEST 032 and TEST 070.

Central approval

Nemko Norlab holds central approval for the project planning of environmental remediation.

Prequalified supplier

Nemko Norlab is a prequalified supplier to the offshore industry through Achilles and Magnet.

Environmental certifications

We are certified according to ISO 14001:2015.